Better Sex – Does Practice Make Perfect?

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It certainly is an old adage that practise makes perfect but is this the case when it comes to having better sex? We would all like more practice for sure, but going about it may be somewhat different in reality.

Certainly, as fumbling teens our efforts and finesse were perhaps not quite the finished article to say the least. Invariably involving bike sheds or the back of fish and chip shops, those early memories, whilst we hold them dear, were perhaps not the stuff that would make 50 Shades of Grey. So we progressed and learned and things got a little better. Did we really worry at the time, it was great so who cared anyway?

Then we maybe progressed into short term relationships and started to learn a little more about the art of giving and receiving pleasure. Those quick but very high thrills progressed into something a little more crafted and thought out. Especially when the guys realised that women have orgasms too! Some guys even started to get some pleasure from seeing their girl writhing about in ecstasy, professing undying love interspersed with expletives. Awesome. 

But then along came the jolly old internet and we could hide nowhere. We learned that women are adventurous as well, some more so than guys. We learned that women demanded good sex and perhaps a little pressure started to creep in maybe? Now it’s all well and good researching online how to give better orgasms or how to make a girl squirt, but does this late night research actually turn into reality once the lights go down?

Added to the pressure is the girls night out, when your nearest and dearest comes home late at night with a bottle of prosecco down her, telling you how great all of her mates sex lives are and why doesn’t she have orgasms as ‘deep and intense’ as they do. No pressure there eh?

One sure fire way of improving your technique (guys) could lay within the realms of professional help. Yes, we mean London escorts, call girls, F***k Buddies, whatever you feel comfortable with calling them. Should you feel confident enough to take this route and can live with the memories after (not difficult surely) then why not get a little practise the quick and easy way. Booking an escort has never been easier, safer or cheaper. The myriad of high quality escort websites mean that within minutes you can be browsing young beauties in your area that will help you practise the fine art from 15 minutes upwards. 

You can delight in choosing from the services that these girls offer and polish up any niche area that you feel needs attention. Let’s be straight, most guys would use an escort for selfish pleasure and not give two hoots about what the lady got from it. But we are all human and a skilled operator will surely be able to give the escort something that she’s perhaps not used to – a little TLC delivered with a thrill. She will probably thank you for it too. There’s a challenge. 

Women, as we know are all different but there are certain rules that cross all boundaries in the bedroom. Which girls don’t enjoy a gentle massage or a kiss on the neck and shoulders, maybe then progressing to something a little more intimate. And again, before stampeding to her crown jewels like a demented hungry teen why not practise the art of tease and anticipation. Get her a little worked up in advance of any of the wet stuff – show her you care! 

You could choose a young, perhaps less experienced escort to make things a little easier or, should you have the nerve and determination, choose a mature escort who will potentially help you along and let you know what she’s enjoying. We are not advocating the long term opportunities with escorts – that is your choice. However, if your lady says that  however hard you try  you are just not hitting the spot and she’s loath to explain why then surely you have the right to take matters into your own hands? 

After all, it’s your little lady you are thinking about, not yourself. Isn’t it?

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